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Pražský Epoque quartet se potkává v novém projektu s komponistou a multiinstrumentalistou Petrem Wajsarem a Přerovskou zpěvačkou a houslistkou Gabrielou Vermelho.Tu obecenstvo zná především z brněnské inscenace Balady pro banditu, za níž obdržela cenu Alfreda Radoka.Originální zvuk a frázování kvarteta Epoque se skvěle pojí se zpěvem G.Vermelho a s Wajsarovými elektronickými generacemi. Hudební pásmo čerpající z vlivů minimalistické, jazzové, taneční, ale i klasické hudby představuje EQ i jeho kolegy v poloze, pro české i zahraniční publikum zatím neznámé a neoposlouchané.

Epoque Quartet
The Prague string quartet Epoque Quartet was founded at the beginning of the year 1999. Four excellent soloists and chamber musicians with abundant stage experiences brang not only their unanimity in musical opinions and the relationship in their artistic nature together, but even their extraordinary interest in musical genres, which do not belong under the title „classical music“ – jazz, rock and funk. As compositions of the classical quartet literature stay an integral part of the programmes of this ensemble, the sensitive approach to unconventional arrangements brings him new possibilities in using the string instruments and at the same time it enables them to widen the repertoire, which on our and on stages abroad is unique.
The members of the quartet are laureates of several international competitions (for two times the first place in the competition of Liezen in Austria, the first price in the international competition Ludwig van Beethoven for string quartets, the price Jeunesse Musicale) and the ensemble took part in some other competitions (for example the competition Paolo Borciani), too. Abroad the quartet gave among others concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, England, Israel, Japan, Greece, in the Netherlands, Poland, Bosnia and so on. Regularly the Epoque Quartet performs in the subscription cycles of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Czech Broadcasting, the Czech Nonet, plays for the association for chamber music, cooperates with the Czech television and the Czech Broadcasting and is guest on prestigious music festivals for example the Schleswig-Holstein Musikfestival, Concentus Moraviae, the Music Festival of České Krumlov, Chamber music Cycle of the Stuttgarter Philharmoniker, Metamorphoses (Switzerland), Music Festival Ludwig van Beethoven, Moravský podzim (Moravian autumn) an so on.
In the year 2000 the members of the Epoque Quartet led a master class in jazz interpretation at the Music Academy of Jerusalem.
In the field of jazz the Epoque quartet came together with personalities like George Mraz, Benny Beailey, Yoshiko Kishino.
Digestedly the ensemble works together with the Trio Robert Balzar.

Gabriela Vermelho
The singer, Gabriela Vermelho, obtained a prestigious Alfred Radok’s Award 2005 in the “talent of the year” category for the participation in the musical performance “Balada pro banditu” (A Ballad for the Bandit). In its third long-playing album Maraca sails on the wave of contemporary interest in culturally charged ethnic groups and continues in intermingling ethnic culture with sharper jazz-rock mood; with a typical carefulness it captures, seams together and interweaves songs with their own ideas and a rich repertoire of instruments.

Petr Wajsar
Born in 1978, Petr Wajsar is a composer, arranger, orchestrator, active guitar and piano player, singer and lyricist. He holds a B. A. in music composition from the Faculty of Musical Arts in Prague, where he studied with Václav Riedlbauch. He also graduated in composition from the Department of Popular and Jazz Music at the State Conservatory in Prague, where he studied with Angelo Michajlov, Milan Svoboda and Michal Pavlíček. Besides that, he studied briefly at the Conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek with Stanislav Jelínek. More on www.wajsar.com.<< Back