Radek Baborak and Ales Barta belong the boldest representatives of the famous Czech school of interpretation. They both are awardees of many international prizes, they perform as soloists and chamber musicians with renowned ensembles and orchestras and record remarkable recordings. As a duo they especially dedicate their work to the two outstanding composers of all times – J. S. Bach and A. Bruckner whose works they arrange themselves or initiate new unexpected transcriptions of in a close co-operation with a contemporary composer M. Bok.

Besides that, Baborak’s and Barta’s repertoire is enriched by compositions mainly by authors of the 20th century (E. Krenek, B. Kroll, K. Turner) and by adaptations of tunes by masters of classical romatism (R. Schumann, F. Liszt, C. Reinecke, C. Saint-Saens, G. Faure. M. reger). The sound of organ and a French horn and, first of all, Barta’s and Baborak’s interpretive passion and devotion, accuracy of rendition and stylish purity make their performance together an extraordinary and intense listener’s experience.

ALES BARTA (born 1960) – a winner of Anton Bruckner International Organ Competition in Linz (1982), a prize winner at the Franz Liszt International Organ Competition in Budapest (1983) and an absolute winner of the Prague Spring International Organ Competition (1984) belongs to the ultimate top in the world of music interpretation!

As a soloist he regularly performs with the world’s best symphonic and chamber orchestras, is being guest at many concert stages in Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia and receives every year a number of invitations to the most prestigious festivals – Prague, Bratislava, Avignon, Zurich, London etc.

He began his studies at the Brno Conservatory (under prof. Josef Pukl) and continued at the Academy of Music in Prague (at docent Vaclav Rabas’s). In 1990–94 years he was a pedagogue at Prague’s Academy of musical arts (AMU). He also is a permanent member of the competitive board and jury at The Prague Spring festival.

Barta’s concert repertoire comprises of the world’s and Czech fundamental organ works from baroque to present day (J. S. Bach, D. Buxtehude, J. Pachelbel, F. Liszt, M. Reger, C. Franck, L. Boeallmann, O. Messiaen, P. Hindemith and others) but not forgetting to present compositions by present-day authors written for and dedicated directly to him which he, of course, premieres himself (I. Hurnik, J. Teml, O. Kvech, J Filas, M. Bok). Ocassionally he also plays cembalo – the works by baroque masters of likes as by A. Vivaldi, J. S. Bach, G. F. << Back