The harp and the horn – two verily royal instruments that amuse us with their sounds in many orchestral pieces. But we can only rarely hear them in duo. It may be because the repertoire for the two is not as broad and the most of the original compositions were written by the few hornists or harpers themselves. Nevertheless, who once heard the combination of horn and a harp in the hands of top players as Jana Bouskova and Radek Baborak, gives in to their magic and hardly wants to return to the reality of the 21st century.

Works of French composers build the spine of this duo’s programs – from classicist sonatas thru short romantic pieces to the tunes by writers of the 20th century who often liked to be inspired by moods of the Orient or by pentatonic scales. An indivisible part of the Bouskova-Baborak duo’s recitals are variations of the popular works by Ravel, Debussy, Saint-Saens, Granados etc. that originally were composed for piano and the wind instruments. The fact that they are playable even in this line-up and don’t sound just some kind of a rarity is possible only because of the virtuosic techniques of harp-playing that must cope with a piano part with all of its harmonic modulations, and because of totally different way of achieving tone of the horn so it wouldn’t overlap the sound of the harp but harmonize with it. These are the challenging tasks worthy of harp and horn magicians, Jana Bouskova and Radek Baborak.
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