BABORAK AND FRIENDS was brought to life in 2001 and since then have performed at the concerts and festivals throughout all Europe and Japan, and recorded for Exton Records and Supraphon.

The ensemble itself consists of already successful soloists, internationally awarded musicians and chamber music players of a young generation - the violinists Dalibor Karvay, Martina Bacova, Roman Patocka, Vladimir Klansky, Aida Shabuova; the violists Jir Zikmund, Vladimir Kroupa; a cellist Hana Baborakova...
There also are top instrumentalists of various known Czech Republic's orchestras such as The Czech Philharmony, The Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra (SOCR), The Prague Philharmonia (PKF), The Prague Symphony Orchestra (FOK) and chamber ensembles of likes as The Wihan Quartet, The Harold Quartet, Epogue Quartet, The Afflatus Quintet or The Czech Nonet.
As regular guests performing with The BABORAK AND FRIENDS are concertmasters and principal players of The Munich and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras (Munchen Philharmoniker & Berlin Philharmoniker) - Lorenz Nasturica, Wilfried Strehle and Wenzel Fuchs.
BABORAK AND FRIENDS repertoire comprises of the baroque thru classicist and romantic styles' compositions, of the 20th century's works as well as a number of compositions directly dedicated to or commissioned by the ensemble itself.
The group BABORAK AND FRIENDS debuted by a recording for Exton Records, the CD album "Baborak with Friends" interpreting some tunes by the classics (Mozart & Beethoven) and composers of 20th century (Kroll & Turner). This successful release was followed by "Le Quatro Stagioni", a cross-cection through an Italian music of four centuries covering Vivaldi, Corelli, Donizetti, Cherubini, Sinigalia and Rota, which was awarded by Japanese critics prize. The third album happened to be a collection of music by the Viennese classics - Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven & Rejcha.
On the occasion of the Bohuslav Martinu jubilee the B. E. delivered a genuine recording of his chamber compositions "Quartet" and "Serenade" in combination with pieces by Carl Nielsen ancLCharles Koechlit .

In general, the BABORAK AND FRIENDS repertoire connects with a tradition that started in the 18th century. The horn, in German and some other languages called Waldhorn (the "woodland" hom), was originally first used as just a signal instrument at the fox-hunting that was so liked amongst the nobility. Maybe therefore the horn was getting more and more popular so it found its way to the concert halls and parlors and became an indispensable part of symphonic and chamber music too. Compositions of that time - the music by Vivaldi, Corelli, Mouret, Handel and Teleman are an integral portion of The Baborak Ensemble.
The composers of the Manheim School and the Viennese classics had written a wide number of virtuosic for the horn and the strings. A great inspiration to them were the instrumental skills of the Czech hornists of that era. To name just one, for example the master J. V. Stich-Punt who was dedicated by W. A. Mozart with the horn parti in his Symphonia Concertante and by L. van Beethoven with the whole Sonata F major #17. The classicist era forms the most fundamental part of The BABORAK AND FRIENDS.

repertoire: the works by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Rejcha, Boccerinni, Stamitz, Vanhal and by others.
In the beginning of the 19th century, the horn was improved by adding the vlaves that made possible to play the chromatic set of tones. And in the 20th century many compositions were written for the horn in combination not only with the strings but with the winds and percussions as well! (Janacek. Martinu, Koechlin, Nielsen)

A standalone chapter in the BABORAK AND FRIENDS are the compositions written or arranged directly for the group.. The BABORAK AND FRIENDS often surprises with unexpected, and many times with shocking sound combinations, and doesn't even resist trips into other genres, such as into jazz, swing, dance music, film scores, ethno-music, oriental. The composers that write and arrange for The Baborak Ensemble are so far M. Bok, F Sterbak, T. Ille and M. Kumzak.

As mentioned above, from its foundation The BABORAK AND FRIENDS performed at many concerts in the Czech Republic, in Germany, in Japan and at a number of international festivals such are The Prague Spring, Mitte Europa, Concentus Moraviae, Gruenwald Musik etc. In the 2010-2011 season, the Baborak Ensemble was a resident ensemble of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra (CNSO) in its chamber series at the St. Agnes Convent, Prague.<< Back