AMPIO Music Agency

Ampio, the music promotion agency
- an independent joint project by internationally renowned classical musicians, hornist Radek Baborak and violinist Vladimir Klansky, who both decided not to rely just on the established agencies and managers, but be also active on this level themselves and interact closely with their friends – fellow musicians, conductors, compsers and other music lovers such as art patrons who all show their activities and are a course of events in nowaday‘s culture.
“Ampio” in Italian language means wide, spacious – and that’s what perfectly characterizes the coverage by Baborak’s & Klansky’s new agency. Their aim is not just to represent and manage musicians and events the usual way but also to urge and draw meetings and crossovers through the genres, as well as to mediate a mind funded consulting in the branch of classical music, and, last but not least, also to focus on discovering new or hidden talents and to help them seeking their own original output and to start and improve their careers.